The last maintenance release of the 21.08 series is out fixing many same track transition issues. Other noteworthy improvements include loop zones don’t stop playback when adding effects, added ability to set clip thumbnails when hover seeking clips in the Project Bin and proxies can now be automatically generated for .mlt files.

Full log

  • Update catch.hpp. Commit. See bug #440867
  • Timeline clip drop: add id to each drag operation to avoid incorrectly interpreting a new drag operation as the continuation of a previous one. Commit.
  • Fix muting audio master broken. Commit.
  • Fix various mix resize/align issues. Commit.
  • Fix proxy clips not archived when requested. Commit.
  • Fix wipe and slide transition incorrect behavior on resize, and incorrectly detecting “reverse” state. Commit.
  • Fix same track transition if one clip has no frame at its end. Commit.
  • Fix crash and incorrect resize with same track transitions. Commit.
  • Fix mix cut position lost on paste. Commit.
  • Fix one cause of crash related to multiple keyframes move. Commit.
  • Fix proxying of playlist clips. Commit.
  • When a clip job creates an mlt playlist, check if the file is already in project to avoid double insertion. Commit.
  • Fix clip with mix cannot be moved back in place. Commit.
  • Fix loop mode broken on add effect. Commit.
  • Fix replacing AV clip with playlist clip broken. Commit.
  • Fix export frame broken for title clips. Commit.
  • Fix bin thumbnail hover seek not reset when leaving thumb area. Commit.
  • Project bin:when hover seek is enabled, restore thumb after seeking, set thumb with shift+seek. Commit.
  • Fix “adjustcenter” asset param in case where the frame size is empty. Commit.
  • Fix crash loading project with incorrectly detected same track transition. Commit.
  • Fix install path of frei0r effect UI’s. Commit.