The first maintenance release of the 22.04 series is out with two out-of-the-box effect templates: Secondary Color Correction and Shut-off as well as a new Box Blur filter. This version fixes incorrect levels displayed in the audio mixer, timeline preview rendering, thumbnail caching and text alignment in the Titler. There is also a reverse option in same track transitions.

Full log

  • Add ‘reverse’ parameter to transition ‘mix’. Commit.
  • Fix custom effect type sometimes incorrect. Commit.
  • Fix drag incorrectly terminating in icon view. Commit.
  • Fix freeze cause by incorrect duplicate entry in thumbnail cache. Commit.
  • Fix crash trying to drag in empty space in Bin icon view. Commit.
  • Update kdenliveeffectscategory.rc new mlt’s box_blur added to the ‘Blur and Sharpen’ category. Commit.
  • Update CMakeLists.txt adding the new mlt’s Box_Blur. Commit.
  • Add new mlt’s Box_Blur ui. It was not working with the automatic one. Commit.
  • Update secondary_color_correction.xml fixing Transparency default value error. Commit.
  • Fix titler text alignment. Commit.
  • Fix potential deadlock, maybe related to #1380. Commit.
  • Small refactoring of cache get thumbnail. Commit.
  • Fix timeline preview failing when creating a new project. Commit.
  • Timeline preview profiles – remove unused audio parameters, fix interlaced nvenc. Commit.
  • Another set of minor improvements for monitor audio level. Commit.
  • Minor fix in audio levels look. Commit.
  • Ensure all color clips use the RGBA format. Commit.
  • Show dB in mixer tooltip. Commit.
  • Fix audio levels showing incorrect values, and not impacted by master effects. Commit.