The last maintenance release of the 22.04 series is out fixing issues with proxy clips, render panel parameters and timeline scrolling among other minor bugs. Oversized icons on Windows should be normal now and speech to text is working again in the Flatpak version. On Windows all downloads should working now (online resources, title templates, effects, render profile).

Full log

  • Supplement to “Disable pip on Flatpak (we bundle the deps there)”. Commit.
  • Fix syntax error. Commit.
  • [Python Interface] Disable pip on Flatpak (we bundle the deps there). Commit.
  • Fix type (spotted by erjiang). Commit.
  • Fix effect parameter spin box incrementing twice on mouse wheel. Commit.
  • Fix compilation – wrong change committed. Commit.
  • Fix bug and warning calculating available mix duration when no frame is available. Commit.
  • [Scene Split] reimplement threshold. Commit.
  • Fix keyframe view seeking with effect zones. Commit.
  • Fix timeline playing autoscroll incorrectly enabled. Commit. See bug #455512
  • Fix timeline scrolling broken after opening a widget from timeline menu, like edit clip duration. Commit.
  • Fix oversized UI on Windows. Commit.
  • Fix incorrect encoding in rendered clip name on Windows. Commit. Fixes bug #455286
  • Fix incorrect ungroup when dragging selection. Commit.
  • Fix incorrect behavior of external proxies, allow multiple patterns by profile. Commit. See bug #455140
  • Fixes for external proxies. Commit. See bug #455140
  • Correctly enable current bin item proxy action after proxy is enabled/disabled in project settings. Commit.
  • Fix timeline cursor sometimes losing sync with wuler playhead. Commit.
  • Fix freeze copying proxy clips. Commit.
  • [Render Presets] Follow ffmpeg defaults. Commit.
  • Proper rounding for persistant quality slider value. Commit.
  • [Render Widget] Backend option to set speed default index. Commit.
  • [Render Widget] Don’t enable “Custom Quality” by default, remember state. Commit.
  • Fix compilation with Qt < 5.14. Commit.