Kdenlive 23.04.1 has just been released, and all users of the 23.04.0 version are strongly encouraged to upgrade.

The 23.04.0 release of Kdenlive introduced major changes with the support of nested timeline. However, several issues leading to crashes and project corruption went unnoticed and affected this release.

This should now be fixed in Kdenlive 23.04.1. While we have some automated testing, and continue improving it, it is difficult to test all configurations and cases on such a large codebase with our small team. We are however planning to improve in this area!

It is also important to note that Kdenlive has several automatic backup mechanisms, so even in such cases, data loss should be minimal (see our documentation for more details).

If you want to help us, don’t hesitate to get in touch, report bugs, test the development version, contribute to the documentation or donate if you feel like it!

Version 23.04.1 also fixes many other bugs, see the full log below:

  • Don’t store duplicates for modified timeline uuid. Commit.
  • Fix recent regression (sequence clip duration not updated). Commit.
  • Clear undo history on sequence close as undoing a sequence close leads to crashes. Commit.
  • Correctly remember sequence properties (like guides) after closing sequence. Commit.
  • Fix various sequence issues (incorrect length limit on load, possible corruption on close/reopen). Commit.
  • Do our best to recover 23.04.0 corrupted project files. Commit. See bug #469217
  • Try to fix AppImage launching external app. Commit. See bug #468935
  • Get rid of the space eating info message in Motion Tracker. Commit.
  • Fix Defish range for recently introduced parameters. Commit. Fixes bug #469390
  • Fix rotation on proxy formats that don’t support the rotate flag. Commit.
  • Fix animated color parameter alpha broken. Commit. Fixes bug #469155
  • Fix 23.04.0 corrupted files on opening. Commit. See bug #469217
  • Fix another major source of project corruption. Commit.
  • Don’t attempt to move external proxy clips. Commit. Fixes bug #468998
  • Fix crash on unconfigured speech engine. Commit. Fixes bug #469201
  • Fix VOSK model hidden from auto subtitle dialog. Commit. Fixes bug #469230
  • Fix vaapi timeline preview profile. Commit. See bug #469251
  • Fix effects with filter task (motion tracker, normalize), re-add a non animated color property. Commit.
  • Switch test videos to mpg for CI. Commit.
  • Fix project corruption on opening, add test to prevent from happening again. Commit. See bug #468962
  • Fix concurrency crash in thumbnails. Commit.
  • Color wheel: highlight active slider, fix mouse wheel conflicts. Commit.
  • More fixes for luma lift gain color wheel (fix dragging outside wheel) and improved cursor feedback. Commit.
  • Various fixes for luma lift gain color wheel and slider. Commit.
  • Ensure Shape alpha resource are included in archived project. Commit.
  • Check missing filter assets on document open (LUT and Shape). Commit.
  • Fix various bugs and crashes on sequence close and undo create sequence from selection. Commit.
  • Fix temporary data check showing confusing widget. Commit.
  • Fix render profiles with no arguments (like GIF Hq). Commit.
  • Fix images embeded in titles incorrect path on extract. Commit.
  • Wait before all data is copied before re-opening project when using project folder for cache data. Commit.
  • Minor ui improvement for clip monitor jobs overlay. Commit.
  • Try to fix tests. Commit.
  • Don’t show unnecessary warning. Commit.
  • Ensure the mute_on_pause property is removed from older project files. Commit.
  • Fix clip properties default rotation and aspect ratio detection, display the tracks count for sequence clips. Commit.