Kdenlive 23.08.3 continues the stabilization effort of this release cycle in preparation for the Qt6 upgrade. Some highlights of this release include: Importing clips is now faster (as part of the performance improvements task); added a new PNG with alpha render profile and fixes the video with alpha render profiles; time remapping can now be applied to sequences and Whisper now works on all systems.

Full log

  • Fix timeremap. Commit.
  • Fix replace clip keeping audio index from previous clip, sometimes breaking audio. Commit. See bug #476612.
  • Create sequence from selection: ensure we have enough audio tracks for AV groups. Commit.
  • Fix timeline duration incorrect after create sequence from timeline selection. Commit.
  • Fix project duration not updating when moving the last clip of a track to another non last position. Commit. See bug #476493.
  • Don’t lose subtitle styling when switching to another sequence. Commit. Fixes bug #476544.
  • Fix crash dropping url to Library. Commit.
  • When dropping multiple files in project bin, improve import speed by not checking if every file is on a remote drive. Commit.
  • Fix titler shadow incorrectly pasted on selection. Commit. Fixes bug #476393.
  • Fix pasted effects not adjusted to track length. Commit.
  • Fix timeline preview ignored in temporary data dialog. Commit. Fixes bug #475980.
  • Speech to text: fix whisper install aborting after 30secs. Commit.
  • Don’t try to generate proxy clips for audio with clipart. Commit.
  • Clip loading: switch to Mlt::Producer probe() instead of fetching frame. Commit.
  • Multiple fixes for time remap losing keyframes. Commit.
  • Add png with alpha render profile. Commit.
  • Fix Mix not correctly deleted on group track move. Commit.
  • Fix rendering with alpha. Commit.
  • Rotoscoping: don’t auto add a second kfr at cursor pos when creating the initial shape, don’t auto add keyframes until there are 2 keyframes created. Commit.
  • Fix keyframe param not correctly enabled when selecting a clip. Commit.
  • Fix smooth keyframe path sometimes incorrectly drawn on monitor. Commit.
  • Properly adjust timeline clips on sequence resize. Commit.
  • Remove unused debug stuff. Commit.
  • Fix project duration not correctly updated on hide / show track. Commit.
  • Fix resize clip with mix test. Commit.
  • Fix resize clip start to frame 0 of timeline not correctly working in some zoom levels,. Commit.