Kdenlive 23.08.4 comes with a safeguard when working with variable framerate footage and fixes time remapping and subtitling issues. This version also brings back audio stem export support, which allows to render audio tracks as separate files. In case you are wondering why there is no 23.12 major release this month, the KDE community is gearing up for a mega release which will upgrade our software stack to Qt6 and KF6 frameworks. Although these are mostly under the hood changes, it means having a more modern and stable interface with improved Wayland support for Linux users. This transition paves the way for the upcoming performance enhancements effort, such as the integration of GPU effects.

Full log

  • Fix transparency lost on rendering nested sequences. Commit. Fixes bug #477771.
  • Fix guides categories not applied on new document. Commit. Fixes bug #477617.
  • Check MLT’s render profiles for missing codecs. Commit. See bug #475029.
  • Fix crash on auto subtitle with subtitle track selected. Commit.
  • Fix qml warning (incorrect number of args). Commit.
  • Fix audio stem export. Commit.
  • When pasting clips to another project, disable proxies. Commit.
  • Don’t allow creating profile with non standard and non integer fps from a clip. Commit.
  • Fix mix not always deleted when moving grouped clips on same track. Commit.
  • Fix remap crashes. Commit.
  • Ensure timeremap option is disabled when effect is deleted. Commit.
  • Time remap: fix changing speed broken / crashing. Commit.