Are you curious about what is going on inside our beloved Kdenlive non-linear video editor? Are you scratching your head trying to find out how Kdenlive plays on its embedded media engine MLT? Do you want to understand how Kdenlive’s project files work?

Then you have come to the right place! Please follow us on our interesting journey into territory where most of us media project editors have never gone before… 😉

Note: our documentation of Kdenlive’s MLT internals are an ongoing (herculean?) task. We’re doing this in our free time while the devs tuck along fixing bugs and improving Kdenlive even more. So, please visit back from time to time as we find time to gain more insight and document it here. If you notice “erors” and mistakes, please feel free to contact us, so we can improve our documentation. Please understand that the discussion of Kdenlive and MLT design decisions is out of focus here, use the Kdenlive mailing list for these topics.

Post scriptum: the modern meme “HERE BE DRAGONS” is, according to Wikipedia, mimicking the medieval practise of putting illustrations of dragons and all kind of monsters on uncharted areas of maps. We find this quite fitting to our case. Even more so with the cute happy bunch of Konqi et al.