Here is a brief introduction to the 3 point editing system.

  1. Select a clip in the project bin with up/down arrow
  2. Navigate the clip by  the jkl keys or by the left/right arrows and set the IN and the OUT point by the i and o keys.
  3. Hit t to change to the timeline
  4. Select a video or audio track in the timeline (up/down arrow key) and set it as source with shift+t.
  5. Activate the track as target with shortcut a (this connects the track to the source)
  6. Hit v (insert) or b (overwrite) to add the clip at the play-head position or to fill the selected area in the timeline if it is active. if you need to activate it use the g key.

In the following example we want only insert the audio part of a clip in A2 and we want to create a gap in all the other video and audio tracks:

  1. Activate all the target tracks which contain clips (yellow buttons).
  2. Activate just the audio source on A2
  3. Press v (insert).