In this HOWTO video we show you how to edit the audio volume of a clip using keyframes: learn how to add a Volume effect to adjust the volume of a clip, how to add and edit keyframes in the effect properties, and how to manage and edit keyframes directly in the timeline. Double click to add a keyframe, remove a keyframe by dragging it above or below the clip.


  1. goizin

    Super your video!
    I installed the latest version 16.12.1.
    By following your video, when I apply the effect on the timeline, I do not have the property opening that allows me to adjust the volume accurately.
    I can only adjust the volume by double clicking on the timeline.
    It is the same thing to set the speed for example and also for other effects (window property does not open).
    On the other hand, when I want to play the video, I must first click on the play icon and then click on the timeline cursor for playback to begin.
    Is this normal?
    thank you very much
    Otherwise, I think your software has a bright future!

    • The DiveO

      Make the effect properties pane visible again. Menu View, then Effects.

  2. paul

    In the above video at 0:12, the effect is “dropped” and then the volume level line appears.

    I downloaded kdenlive about 2 hours ago. I have linux mint. I do not see the volume level line. I have been fiddling with this for about a half hour and still nothing.

    Any suggestions?

    • paul

      I found an older version of kdenlive (15.12.3) that does not have this problem. Does that help at all?


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