The last maintenance release of the 21.12 cycle is out with lots of usability polishing of keyframes, subtitles and proxy clips. Audio thumbnails on high zoom levels got a major performance optimization. This version also fixes 5 crashes including Wayland layout switching, time remapping module among others.

With this release we switched our AppImage building to KDE Craft that is already in use for our Windows and macOS builds. With this step our packages become more consistent in regard of bundled dependency versions across all platforms. Also the maintenance becomes less time consuming giving developers more time to focus on coding rather than packaging. We encourage users to reset their configurations to avoid any possible issues by going to menu Help -> Reset Configuration.

If you encounter any issues please report them and don’t forget to checkout the trouble shooting tips.


Full log

  • Fix tests and resize issue. Commit.
  • [Effect Keyframes] Fix “apply current value” uses wrong position. Commit.
  • [Effect Keyframes] Fix “copy current value to selected” crash. Commit.
  • [Effect Keyframes] Fix wrong keyframes shown as selected. Commit.
  • Fix tags corrupting audio/video icons in bin. Commit.
  • Fix audio thumb speed not correctly initialized (broke monitor thumbs). Commit.
  • Fix audio thumbs for clips with speed effect. Commit.
  • Fix crash cutting a grouped subtitle. Commit.
  • Fix 1 pixel offset at some zoom factors. Commit.
  • Correctly update add/remove keyframe button on undo/redo and active keyframe on speed change. Commit.
  • Fix possible crash in extract zone. Commit.
  • Fix thumbnails for playlist clips having a different resolution than project profile. Commit.
  • Fix crash updating speed before/after in time remap. Commit.
  • Fix proxy clips not correctly disabled on rendering. Commit.
  • Fix sometimes cannot resize clip when there is a 1 frame gap. Commit.
  • Various fixes for remove space in subtitle track. Commit.
  • Fix same track transitions sometimes broken by clip resize. Commit.
  • Fix 1 frame offset in subtitles when removing space. Commit.
  • Show clip labels as soon as there is one letter width. Commit.
  • Fix marker thumbnail size. Commit.
  • Don’t show clip thumbs on when clip is too small (<16 pixels). Commit.
  • Missing change from last commit (fix remove space). Commit.
  • Fix “remove space” not working on 1 frame space. Commit.
  • Only create proxy clips automatically if requested. Commit.
  • Fix audio wave for non stereo clips. Commit.
  • Fix qml binding loop warning. Commit.
  • Fix clip thumbnails extending past clip length. Commit.
  • Fix adjust to original size using proxy resolution. Commit.
  • Try to fix ghost icons on Windows. Commit.
  • Major speedup in audio thumbs drawing on high zoom levels. Commit.
  • Fix clip name not scrolling anymore. Commit.
  • Fix unusable bin icon for audio/video drag. Commit.
  • Fix Wayland crash on layout switch. Commit.
  • Minor optimization for audio thumbs drawing. Commit.
  • Fix .ass subtitle files not correctly read. Commit.
  • Ensure processes are in the path before starting an executable. Commit.
  • Fix timeline keyframes sometimes disappearing from view. Commit.
  • Fix wrong comparison of current settings and settings stored in the project settings dialog. Commit.
  • Fix again VPx quality: use constrained quality (bitrate>0). Commit.
  • [Spot Remover effect] Add xml ui to fix initalization (and other minor. Commit.
  • [Extract Frame] Fix wrong frame exported when using source resolution. Commit.