Mit dem zweiten Wartungsrelease der 21.04er Serie wurde die fehlende Keyframe-Unterstützung für Effekte ergänzt (wie glitch0r, scratchlines und charcoal) sowie Fehler behoben und die Benutzerfreundlichkeit verbessert.


Vollständige Übersicht (Englisch)

  • Remove duplicate line from last cherry-pick. Commit.
  • Hopefully proper patch to solve “white” rendering issues. Commit.
  • Fix resize clip end does not allow touching next clip. Commit.
  • Fix clip thumbs disappearing on timeline resize. Commit.
  • Fix timeline thumbnails not saved with project. Commit.
  • Don’t discard subtitle files on project fps change. Commit.
  • Update guides position on project’s fps change. Commit.
  • Fix delete selected clips not working on project opening. Commit.
  • Fix Chroma Key: Advanced edge mode normal was reset to hard. Commit.
  • Fix various frei0r effects losing parameter settings:. Commit.
  • Next try to fix keyframe view positon for mixes. Commit.
  • Revert “Fix keyframeview position in mixes”. Commit.
  • Fix keyframeview position in mixes. Commit.
  • Make effects keyframable: scratchlines, tcolor, lumaliftgaingamma. Commit. See bug #393668
  • Make effects keyframable: charcoal, dust, oldfilm, threshold.xml. Commit. See bug #393668
  • Make glitch0r effect keyframable. Commit. See bug #393668
  • Fix profile repository not properly refreshed after change. Commit.
  • Fix marker monitor overlayer flickers on hover. Commit.
  • Ensure timeline zoombar right handle is always visible. Commit.
  • Fix issue with duplicated title clips. Commit.
  • Fix effect sliders on right to left (rtl) layouts. Commit. Fixes bug #434981
  • Fix alignment of statusbar message label. Commit. Fixes bug #437113
  • Fix crash using filter with missing MLT metadata (vidstab in MLT 6.26.1). Commit.
  • Try to fix wrongly set color in titler. Commit.