Kdenlive 23.04.3 behebt zahlreiche Regressionen. Neu ist die Pegel-dB Anzeige im Audio-Mixer. Außerdem wurde das Untertitel-Fenster für kleinere Bildschirme verbessert.

Vollständiger log (Englisch)

  • Fix tests. Commit.
  • Fix effects disappearing from timeline sequence and other sync issues. Commit.
  • Fix crash loading project with an unknown transition. Commit.
  • Fix crash trying to open backup for moved project file. Commit.
  • Switch vglobal_quality to vqp for nvenc (same as Shotcut). Commit.
  • Backport ASAN fix from master. Commit.
  • Fix ASAN use after freed. Commit.
  • Mixer: polish audio levels display, add scale for gain slider. Commit.
  • Fix audio levels gradient colors. Commit.
  • Mixes: ensure asset panel cleared on undo insert, fix mix inserted at wrong clip end on drop. Commit.
  • Fix mixes incorrectly saved as luma. Commit.
  • Ensure Subtitle widget can fit on smaller screens. Commit. See bug #470498
  • Fix crash pressing Home on subtitle track. Commit.