Die erste Wartungsversion der 22.08-Serie behebt unter anderem Probleme mit der Projektarchivierung und den Same-Track Übergängen.


  • Fix crash when clip is modified by external app. Commit.
  • Fix paste clip broken until close/repoen app if trying to paste an invalid clip (missing of playlist with different fps). Commit.
  • Fix double clicking mixed clip start corrupting mix. Commit.
  • Fix incorrect mutex unlock in thumbs cache. Commit.
  • Ensure tasks are properly terminated on close, fix incorrect mutex in thumbnailcache causing corruption. Commit.
  • Ensure queued tasks are not started on project or test close. Commit.
  • Don’t remove consecutive spaces in SRT subtitles. Commit. Fixes bug #457878
  • Fix archiving when a clip is added twice in a project. Commit.
  • [Mix Stack] Fix wrongly reversed position slider. Commit.